venerdì 3 settembre 2010


I'm going to share a little recipe:

Pasta with speck, cream and walnut. (speck is a particular kind of ham, really nice tasting!)
First, cut speck in cubes or just little pieces, if sliced, around 1 inch.
Then, smash as many walnuts as you want, the more the better!
In a pan, start heating the speck with low heat, it's own fat will fry it, just for 4-5 minutes, so that it won't incinerate, then add the walnuts and, after 1 minute(always keep on turning both speck and walnuts, so they don't burn) add the cream.
Keep turning everything, add salt and black pepper, and a little bit of fresh milk, in the cream seems to be not enough.
When you reach the desired consistency, shut the flame, it will need around 10/15 minutes.

To cook pasta(i suggest penne or rigatoni, or any short pasta), boil water with handful of salt and add pasta, cook penne for around 9 minutes turning them every 1-2 minutes so they wont end up all glued.

Bon appetit!

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